Delta South Leads the Way

The current provincial election offers extra drama here in my own riding of Delta South.  We have a strong independent candidate who is a true contender for the seat.  So often independents are weak candidates who barely show in the polls.  Not so here,  our independent ran a close second in the last election, was wooed by both major parties before this election, and chose to remain independent for this election.  Our retiring MLA proved to be the most archetypal toe-the-line backbench MLA who functioned as her party's legislative representative to us, in Delta South, rather than as our representative in the legislature.  With a strong independent, committed to representing the riding first and not subject to any party whip, we can say, "Never more!"

The leaders of both major British Columbia political parties' first choice as party candidate in Delta South was Vicki Huntington and she turned them both down to remain independent.  The parties settled on alternative candidates, strong ones but still second choices.  This gives the election in our riding extra drama.  I also hope that it serves as a model for other potential strong independent candidates among other ridings for future elections.  Perhaps we can gradually break the stifling hold party discipline imposes on our politics.